Preserving Your Multi-Million Dollar Estate

With many years of combined Estate Planning experience, we understand the joys, the opportunities, and the challenges that success can bring to a family. You can be assured of an enlightening, educational and entertaining seminar presentation.

What is Estate Planning?

The ultimate goal of Estate Planning is to provide for the orderly transfer of your assets in the event of your death or incapacity - with the smallest emotional and financial cost, and least delays for you and your family.

Without careful planning, your property may be reduced in value by unexpected taxes and costs, crippling litigation, and unnecessary delays. Or it may pass to unintended beneficiaries. These potential problems often cause long-lasting bitterness - and financial bickering long after the death of a parent or shareholder.

In the Larger Estate, These Risks are Far More Devastating - but are Far More Likely to Happen.

Estate Planning involves questions like:

  • Who should own which property - and how?

  • Should it be owned jointly, separately, in a trust, in a corporation?

  • What are the tax implications?

  • Would new legal agreements or life insurance help?

  • Should an estate freeze be done - or undone?

  • Can your assets can be protected from future marital breakdowns (yours, or your heirs')? Or from spendthrift children and spouses?

  • Should some assets be given to the next generation (or a charity) now - or retained in a different form? Is there enough liquidity?

A Properly Structured Estate Plan Relieves you of the Stress of Uncertainty.

Estate Planning should focus on maximizing your Net After Tax Returns - both while living - and also in the settlement of your Estate. It is very important that you organize, document and simplify your Estate Settlement.

This greatly enhances not only the Net Value of your Estate, but more importantly - it Increases The Net Happiness of your family.

The result is that Your Assets Go To Whom You Intended - With Less Going to Litigation Lawyers, CRA, Probate, or the IRS.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“There are only a few people I have met in my life that I would send a "Thank You" note to, but you are one of those people. Thank you for understanding our family situation, and for being more than just a ‘financial advisor’.”

Alex and Lydia - Burlington

“We help you keep together what you’ve spent a lifetime putting together.”

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